The CASR platform gathers the experience of more than 12 years of cooperation with several CAA's worldwide, allowing the creation of an unique platform, covering most of the critical functions of the Civil Aviation Regulation activity with an easy to use solution.

The Company

Why the CASR.Co company?


CASR.Co was created with the aim to promote a specialized Software Platform targeting the worldwide Civil Aviation Authorities.

Our Vision


CASR.Co project anticipates the strong development of Air Transportation Activity, its importance to regional economic development and its consequences. Forcing the implementation of modern and innovative Information Systems solutions at global level, and enabling a more fluid and real time interaction between all Air Transportation stakeholders. This new Software Platform will be centered in the Regulation Activity.

Our Mission


To develop and promote an innovative software platform enabling the interconnection of all Civil Aviation players, e-government based, as a basic tool that will perform all the common business activities of all national and regional Civil Aviation regulators.